Textiles & products

Priority market

AB Technics offers a wide range of clothing, products and equipment for medical and paramedical services, police and fire departments. Our range goes from the smallest needle over stab proof vests to stretchers with all the necessary accessories. Moreover, our privileged position among the market leaders allows us to provide customized solutions of the highest quality.

Take a look at our web shop or contact us directly at sales@abtechnics.be.

Professional market

AB Technics specializes in specific safety clothing and tools for the professional. By choosing only the absolute leaders in each segment, we offer you the best assurance that you and your colleagues can work as safely as possible. Together with our partner SIOEN, we would like to introduce you to our wide range of solutions for we who work with machines such as chainsaws and others in sectors such as forest management.

Take a look at our web shop or contact us directly at sales@abtechnics.be.

Embroidery & Printing

AB Technics has its own department that takes care of all your detailed embroidery, textile printing and textile finishing needs. From initial design to detailed finishing with special materials, safety regulations or protocol badges, we always have the best machines and together with our partners can deliver from 1 single piece to the very largest orders.

Moreover, our machinery also allows us to offer very specific high quality solutions to several other sectors. In recent years, our textile department has become a fixture in many more fields than just the blue and amber market. Today, AB Technics is a valued supplier of top-level embroidery for the equestrian, automotive and motorcycle industries, among others.

Contact us directly at textiel@abtechnics.be.