The Prism Foundation

Every day, countless emergency workers in the most diverse sectors and situations are on standby to help others. For them, AB Technics, together with its partners, develops the best solutions so that they can perform their task in the most optimal conditions.

Yet sometimes things go wrong and the caregiver suddenly becomes a victim himself. Physically, mentally or both. As an individual, but also as a family member and friend. Each one a unique story with unique needs.

AB Technics and its owner PRISMA Group are establishing a new foundation especially for them, The Prisma Foundation.

Its goal is to draw attention to the risks that aid workers endure for all of us and to stand up for those who have themselves been victimized as a result. Through broad appeals, we want to select projects that we wish to support with The Prisma Foundation.

Would you like to join and help support our cause? Then feel free to contact us: