Maintenance & Repairs

Your vehicle is not just any vehicle, but an essential part of your intervention and of your own safety. Therefore, we understand that you demand the very best service from us for maintenance and repairs.

Whether defined in specific SLAs or not, we are always there for you, no matter where your vehicle was converted, no matter the make.

AB Technics has specialized technicians with expertise to quickly analyze your vehicle and provide a solution that will ensure you can once again use your vehicle with complete confidence and to its full potential.


Every priority vehicle has more and more ICT. AB Technics is your perfect partner for installing, keeping up-to-date and repairing when necessary all electrical andelectronic installations and small mechanics for your entire fleet, no matter where the vehicle has been converted, from the smallest motorcycle to the largest truck. According to clear agreements in an SLA, so you can count on your rolling stock when you need it.

Electric vehicles

With the advent of electric vehicles, repair work has also evolved. Both for the safety of our people and for the proper handling of the various high-tech components, specialized personnel are necessary. Otherwise, your vehicle will suffer much greater damage in the sometimes very short term which can endanger you and your intrervance.

Our workers are specifically trained to work with electric vehicles and they receive continuous training. Thus, AB Technics will continue to be your ideal partner for the longevity of your vehicle even tomorrow.

Specific SLA

If you wish, we will look together with you at the best package of service agreements to ensure your vehicle gets the best possible performance. We lay these down in a "Service Level Agreement" (SLA) so that you know perfectly well at any time what you can count on and where and when your vehicle can be picked up and/or repaired by our technicians.

Clear agreements so you can focus on your core business.