Conversion of professional vehicles


AB Technics has made a name for itself over the years as a supplier of custom equipment so that your people in the field have the equipment that supports them 100%.

Nodesign can be tested better than in daily field tests. That is why at AB Technics we do not believe in the simple incorporation of standard designs when robustness, reliability and speed of use, are absolute key points to ensure that your people can always perform their work in optimal conditions and the vehicle is a tool that supports them.

AB Technics has therefore always deliberately profiled itself as a supplier of customization. Our in-house CAD designers work with your people to best understand the conditions in which they must work. Based on this, proposals are worked out in 3D so that you can immediately see from each application how it can support your work in the field under pressure.

We apply the same principle when integrating digital applications and developing ever new solutions in the areas of automation, robotics and data. We turn the latest technology and innovations into solutions for more efficient and safer working conditions for your people in the field.

In the spotlight: glazing

AB Technics understands better than anyone how important your safety is during your job. That is why we work with established partners to protect your vehicle's glazing with a special film so that in the event of an accident or on-site impact, the occupants remain safe and the vehicle can still be used.

Performed in our own workshop or together with our partners.

An innovative approach from AB Technics at your service.

AB Technics & bott for your quality

AB Technics is your partner for furnishing of the highest quality. In addition to our own workshop, AB Technics has an established partnership with bott to supply their materials for your vehicle. AB Technics is the exclusive bott partner for the province of Antwerp. With our own design department and direct line, this always means the most optimal, customized solution for your needs!

For each vehicle, our people sit down with you for a detailed construction discussion. You then receive detailed 3D designs so you can see perfectly how the vehicle will be able to be used during an intervention.

AB Technics offers this for any vehicle, regardless of make or type. Because of our experience and the large number of vehicles, we have established the best relationships with all players in the market, which means that your project will also immediately enjoy the best support.