ABT Photokite

Your permanent eyes in the sky

Emergency services are constantly facing challenges to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. That is why we are proud to present the ABT Fotokite, an advanced kite designed specifically for emergency responders.

The ABT Fotokite is a compact and easy-to-use system that can be deployed within seconds. With its intuitive controls, high-quality camera and real-time image transmission, it provides an unparalleled overview of the situation on site.

Some key advantages of the ABT Photokite for emergency services are:

  1. Quick deployment: With its compact design and fast start-up time, the ABT Fotokite is ready to use within seconds, saving valuable time in an emergency.
  2. Long flight time: With its impressive battery life and ability to be charged from a vehicle, the ABT Fotokite can provide uninterrupted air coverage for days-or even weeks.
  3. Superior image quality: The integrated camera provides high-resolution images, as well as a specialized thermal camera, so you can make crucial decisions quickly and accurately. The new camera also offers unparalleled zoom for observing even the smallest details from a great distance.
  4. Safe and reliable: The ABT Photo Kite is designed specifically with the safety of emergency responders in mind, with a reliable tethering system that keeps the kite in the air even in the event of communication failures or GPS malfunctions.
  5. Easy operation: The intuitive controls make it easy for emergency responders to control the ABT Fotokite, even with minimal training. Moreover, a drone pilot license is not required.
  6. Integration with existing systems: The ABT Fotokite can be easily integrated into your existing communications and command systems, making it a seamless addition to your operational assets. The images are also available via secure streaming to any command center, fixed or mobile.

Invest in the ABT Fotokite today and experience the benefits of air technology in improving efficiency and saving lives. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration and find out how the ABT Fotokite can support your emergency service in addressing tomorrow's challenges.


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